Power BI Report Server preview now available

On May 3, Microsoft announced Power BI Premium, a capacity-based licensing model that increases flexibility for how users access, share and distribute content. The new offering also introduces the ability to manage Power BI reports on-premises with the included Power BI Report Server.

Today, we’re excited to make available a preview of Power BI Report Server.

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#ProjectOnline Major Milestone Report with Excel and Power Pivot

Excelente video para crear un reporte en Excel sobre el cumplimiento de los hitos principales del proyecto.

El concepto radica en lo siguiente:

  • Todos los proyectos tienen los hitos de primer nivel identificados y nombrados de la misma forma.
    • Podrían ser tareas marcadas como hitos o tener una columna especial con una lista desplegable de los tipos de hitos permitidos y realizar el grafico con respecto a esta columna y no sobre el campo de nombre de tarea.
  • Se asume que los cronogramas tienen línea base
  • Se asume que los cronogramas tienen reportado avances y fecha de estado.

Con estos datos, es posible generar una tabla y unos indicadores gráficos o de calor que muestren si los proyectos están cumpliendo la fecha de línea base con respecto a la real, e incluyo, indicar cuantos días de diferencia hay y gráficos según rangos de tolerancia que se dispongan.

El reporte funciona sin problemas tanto para Project Online, como para Project Server.

Los invito a ver el video e intentar obtener el informe indicado.

Publicacion de Origen:  https://myprojectserver.wordpress.com/2017/05/23/projectonline-major-milestone-report-with-excel-and-power-pivot/

Introducing OneDrive Files On-Demand and other features making it easy to access files

Today’s post was written by Jeff Teper, corporate vice president for the Office, OneDrive and SharePoint teams.

As people create and collaborate on more files, take more photos and work across multiple devices, it’s increasingly important to access your important content, both from your work and personal life—all in one place. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether there is enough storage on your device or if you can access your files on an airplane.

Today, we are excited to share a set of new features that will allow you to see and access all your files on Windows 10, be more productive offline on your mobile devices and quickly share files on iOS.

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Listado de Riesgos Centralizado en #ProjectOnline

En mi anterior post vimos como crear una página con un script para realizar búsquedas de sitios de proyectos (enlace aquí). hoy les tengo un script un poco mas básico pero igual muy necesario.

Project Server y Project Online traen una hoja resumen de los riesgos y problemas (asuntos) por proyecto desde donde podemos ir al sitio de proyecto y consultar los datos de detalle. pero de forma nativa no existe una lista completa de los riesgos del todos los proyectos; obvio, la podemos obtener mediante consultas ODATA, pero estos listados los veríamos en Excel o en Power BI, pero no en una página dentro del mismo PWA.

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New in Yammer—building a more connected and engaged organization

Yammer empowers every person in your company with an open space to connect, share and work out loud. With 70 percent annual growth in active groups, there’s greater momentum in Yammer than ever before. Yammer and SharePoint have always been natural complements, because together they deliver powerful connections and discoveries of people, content and information. Today, during the SharePoint Virtual Summit, we unveiled several new capabilities that make it easier to connect and engage through Yammer, whoever and wherever you are in the organization.

Spark conversations on your intranet by bringing Yammer and SharePoint together

Productive conversations can arise from anywhere you do your work. Last year, we enabled a more seamless document sharing capability across the Office 365 suite, including SharePoint, while collaborating in Yammer. You can now enrich your new SharePoint communication sites with a conversational layer by using the existing Yammer embed capability, triggering contextually relevant discussions and increasing the virality of your content.

Over the coming year, we will enhance the integration between Yammer and SharePoint by further improving the way SharePoint content appears in Yammer and making conversations from Yammer render more naturally within SharePoint on the web, desktop and mobile.

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